Sri Lanka Fall 2008

Cealo visited Sri Lanka in December 2008 from the 5th the 13th. During this trip the Foundation U.S.A donated $20,000 for Direct Action Projects in Sri Lanka. We spent the fund on the Karuna (Gayuna) Harmony Center, a Direct Action Center, and its neighboring village. Now we are taking care of 11 acres of land including the Center and the village. None of these projects including the Center would happen if not for the support and guidance of the Venerable Subhuti, a monk who enjoys Cealo’s way of Direct Action.

Another 20 acres of land came to Cealo that houses 50 families who just live and farm there without permission. So, the Global Harmony family including volunteers in Sri Lanka, the U.S, andJapan is helping this village and all the villages as if it were our own village. In order to support the village people and the Center management in the future,  we are going to start vegetable garden and rice farming there this winter as soon as the place is ready. One of our friends from Japan is staying in Sri Lanka until February to grow vegetable and rice experimentally at the center land and a village where gypsy people currently resident to settle their life . He is a farmer in charge of the Global Harmony Rice Farm in Japan who proposed the agricultural supportproject in Sri Lanka. The harvest time in Japan is finished and we had bountiful rice crop more than in any of the years past. Since our friend does not have permanent joy during the winter inJapan, he decided to devote his time to work with our friends in Sri Lanka. Our agricultural development projects are doing well thanks to the team of Tambo, the Japanese rice farm, that has supported villages in both Cambodia and Sri Lanka for several years now. Our farmer friend is staying in Sri Lanka center until the end of February.

Eventually, Cealo hopes that we can welcome any volunteers who wish to visit Asia at the Center. Right now, Cealo's way of direct action is not easy for everybody to join now. In the future, it will be easier to host American people once we have the Center ready and programs with a purpose to do service work, such as helping to make wells, farming, and making bricks to built houses.

There is a report of our trip to Sri Lanka provided in Japanese that was written by O-chan, a lady with children on the first picture of the page, with many pictures that you may enjoy below.

Cambodia Fall 2008

Despite problems with the airport in Bangkok, the Cambodia trip from November 27, 2008 through December 6, 2008 was wonderful. During this trip, Cealo supported over 600 children and families with donations from the Foundation for Global Harmony. The total amount of support provided during this trip is about $13,000.

Land has been donated to Cealo a lot recently. Cealo hopes we can make the best uses of the land for people's joy of living. Cealo was given 5 hectors of land in Cambodia very close to the border line of Thailand where the fighting is going on. It is not so close and Cealo visited there to consider the possibility of building an orphanage and study center. Another 4 hectors of land has 8000 mango trees growing. We expect the fruit in 2 years.

What so ever happens in this world, we will never stop our journey of compassion. I know that you are always with us. Cealo's family should know that one can be always centered and focused on the "joy of living" instead of what is going on out side.

A desperate situation was reported this week... Sri Lanka

June 5, 2008

Dear Friends of Cealo:

A desperate situation was reported this week to His Holiness Cealo by Subhuti, a monk who is inspired by Cealo's direct-action and works as Cealo does in Sri Lanka. 50,000 homes have been lost in Sri Lanka due to extreme weather conditions. During the last 9 days the people have been deluged with heavy rains, an unusual occurrence. Additionally, a dam under construction and nearly completed has burst adding to the extreme flooding. 

The people of Sri Lanka need emergency assistance and Cealo has been asked to donate funds to help with transporting donated items to the people that have lost their homes. Many of you have supported His Holiness's works of compassion in the past and we are alerting you of this additional need.

Cealo will visit Sri Lanka again just as he visited Sri Lanka after the Tsunami. At that time he will find out what the people really need to rebuild their lives. As you know, Cealo's way of Direct Action is to go to a location, see for himself what people need, then decide how to help. For example, after the Tsunami in Sri Lanka, he donated brick-building machines so that local villagers could rebuild their homes, and those who lost their livelihood could sell bricks to make a living. He also helped many Muslim villages where there was less aid from other NGOs (non-governmental organizations).

His Holiness intends to do everything he can to assist and welcomes any kind of support you can give to the people of Sri Lanka. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your consideration.

To make a contribution, please visit the Foundation for Global Harmony, USA and follow these steps:

1. Click Donate.
2. Click Donate in the section for Supporting Children.

Note: All Donations go into a general fund for Cealo to donate as needed based on his first hand connection with the people. 

Love to all!

Foundation for Global Harmony, USA Board Members
Lisa Lawler, Father Andrew Rogers, Jane Dye, and Elizabeth Enright

P.S. Call Lisa Lawler at 301-399-8460 or Elizabeth Enright at 480-990-8884 
anytime if you have any questions or concerns.

Sri Lanka Flood Update...July, 2008

Dear Cealo and Amica-san,

Thank you for your support. Today I gave 4,000 people food. The Sri Lankan Army and Navy helped me! There are two monks who also joined to help me.



P.S. Here are some pictures of our Direct Action.

Cealo and Amica’s Visit to Chicago, June 2008

Cealo and Amica’s Visit to Chicago, June 2008

By Michelle Rosenaur

We had an amazing few days when Cealo and Amica came to visit Chicago in June. On Friday night, about 45 people attended the public program at Yoga Now in the Gold Coast. We had a special treat because Father Andrew drove from Michigan to give us a live sampling of his lovely meditation music. I was pleasantly surprised to see a few former volunteers who I hadn’t seen at one of Cealo’s public programs for years. It was good to see them.

On Saturday morning, a volunteer named Stewart and I came to Cealo and Amica’s apartment to help with the private sessions. Father Andrew was staying at the apartment, too. He explained to us the procedures for bringing in the guests. Each guest was invited to write a prayer on a special prayer tablet. The tablets are then prayed over by Cealo, Father Andrew and many monks. Father Andrew said it was like having a whole cheerleading team root for you.

After our brief training, Father Andrew left to go back to Michigan. Bonita, who had done a lot of work researching and renting the apartment, joined us mid-morning. I had my own private session that morning. Although I hadn’t felt especially emotional when I asked my questions, something that Cealo said touched a deep part of me. I needed to dab the tears from my eyes with the tissue that Amica offered me. In the afternoon, Jennifer J., who was a lead organizer, arrived and I went back home.

On Sunday at 5 pm, we had a wonderful special meditation with Cealo. Volunteers as well as people who attended the private sessions were invited to come. Elizabeth and Jonathan, a couple who regularly attend Eric’s meditations, had the idea of taking pictures at the meditation.

The next day, at the closing volunteer meeting, Jonathan showed us a slide show of the great shots he had taken the previous day. A volunteer named Beth stood up and explained her idea of making donation boxes out of Kleenex boxes. Cealo and Amica are taking donations for people in CambodiaSri Lanka and Myanmar.

After the volunteer meeting, I thought I wouldn’t see Cealo and Amica anymore in Chicago. I was flabbergasted when Jennifer J. phoned me at work later that week to say that Cealo and Amica were going to be at my neighbor Eric’s house that night to join our meditation group for the full moon meditation. It was a beautiful meditation. After the meditation, I caught Cealo’s eye. I was smiling and he was smiling, too. Eric bowed down to Cealo several times while Cealo held his hand over Eric’s head, blessing him. I could tell Cealo was pleased by Eric leading his weekly meditations, not just because of the money that he raised, but because of the way he is spiritually helping people out.

Sri Lanka May, 2008

In May 2008, Cealo travelled to Sri Lanka to join together with a local non-profit/governmental organization inspired to follow Cealo's model of direct action. They are performing many works of compassion now including supporting the education and development of local youth, and performing direct action in several villages. 

Center for Peace and Direct Action
This local non-profit/governmental organization has a center in Sri Lanka now. The center can be used for local youth and children group peace/service activities, contact office/storage of the local organization and Cealo and camp site for all the connected people through Gayuna Cealo in the world including the American people. The new center is a very old European house that was donated by a local wealthy person. The remodeling and furnishings are being donated by volunteers of the local NGO. So we can build the center with very little expense.

Gypsy Village
The monk and local supporters have helped many areas in need and Cealo visited 2 areas in May 2008. One the groups of gypsy people who used to live vagrant lives decided to settle in an area which was gifted by the government. There are 40 families and about 200 children in this new gypsy village. The monk was requested by the government to support their self-reliance. Cealo met them for the first time in November 2007 when Cealo gave rice and greeted them. The Monk visited there several times while Cealo is not there and asked Cealo to help the families get farm equipment this time. They are building houses with coconut leaves, soil and bamboo. But they have no toilets. So, during this visit, the Foundation started to build toilets with bricks. 1 toilet was constructed. Now, Cealo expects them to make 39 more toilets, one for each family. Cealo donated money from the Foundation for this construction project. The Monk goes to this village every two weeks, monitoring their progress, and encouraging youth to work with the local people. He has a very good connection with the gypsies. In all, Cealo distributed rice, farming equipment and money for the toilet project.
Another Village
One other village visited by Cealo includes untouchable people from India. Untouchable is the name of an imported caste system from India. Even though there is not supposed to be discrimination, they have not been able to live a healthy lives there for hundreds of years. Many of humanitarian organizations and monks have tried to help them according to the government request for many years, though none of them succeeded. The monk had guidance from Cealo to support the village and the village people have opened up to him a lot to WORK TOGETHER. 

Cealo's guidance is simple. It is all about directly seeing what is truly needed, not to spoil them but support their independence after seeing their positive actions and heart to heart connections through working together. The monk helped them to make wells, paving (flatting? ) road, and building community houses together. No one could believe it and they became good friends. They are no longer untouchable. The village people have also received land from the government and they are also trying to build houses by themselves. Cealo donated farming equipment last visit. This time Cealo visited each family’s house, and walked around and looked inside each house. Some families are making gardens of vegetables, chilies and herbs. Cealo will bring more seads next time. 64 of the families are doing well. However, 16 of the families are still struggling. In all, this village is doing very well. Cealo and the monk plan to stop supporting this community in 2 years after a total of 6 years of support for them. Cealo hopes they are completely independent by that time so he can go on to help others.

Karuna Preschool
Cealo also visited a preschool which was newly opened near by the gypsy people's village. For a long time, the gypsy people have been isolated from society and they never mixed with other people. Using an old building, the Monk holds a preschool for the neighborhood and gypsy village children. Now children from these areas go to the school and study together. There are three volunteer teachers who live in the village and work for 5 days a week with no payment. Cealo donated school materials for the 40 children and the monk named the Preschool as Karuna (Gayuna) Preschool as a result of his regard, respect, and thanks for Cealo.

Cambodia Spring 2008

At the end of March 2008, 20 people from Japan and 2 people from America joined Cealo on his journey of compassion in Cambodia. His Holiness visited 2 orphanages (one with 85 children, and one with about 45 children). He also visited a children’s hospital, a village of silk weavers, and distributed care packages to HIV people and poor people and old people with no family living on the city streets in Phnom Penh. In total during this trip, His Holiness gave 1,000 children and 500 families care packages.

SCADP, an educational program for orphans and children in rural area
While in Cambodia, Cealo worked closely with an organization directed by Boray, the sister of Princess Sisowath Kanthireth. This organization is taking care of approximately 5,000 children across Cambodia, in 15 provinces, in both rural areas and downtown Phnom Penh. The programs supported by SCADP provides smaller children with educational experiences for learning how to take care of themselves, hygiene, play activities, and traditional dancing. This organization also provides older children with 3 months of trade school with skills such as sewing lessons, hairdresser training, computer instruction, and English lessons. Cealo is supporting this organization with care packages that include stationary, sweets, towels and soaps. When they graduate, some of these children will go to other centers to help with younger children.
Ankor Children’s Hospital
Cealo visited with a children’s hospital in the Ankor Wat area. At this hospital, 500 to 600 people are treated everyday for free, mostly mother’s with small children. They walk all day to get there since they do not have any money and do not want to go home due to domestic violence. This is also the area that Cealo is working with the neighborhood people to build an educational center. His Holiness made a generous donation to the Children’s hospital to help with medical supplies. He also donated 100 bags of rice, 100 sets of food, clothes, soaps, and towels, so the hospital can give to people who have nothing and no home to go to.

Baby Bottle Team

While at the hospital, 200 glass baby bottles collected by Hiroshima baby bottle team were donated. The baby bottle team also raised $2,000 to procure the milk formula. They donated some of these funds to HIV people, too, but mainly gave support to the hospital.

Children’s Book Team
While in Cambodia, the children’s book team read books to children at two orphanages. While the team was showing the big pictures of a story book like a puppet show to the children at the orphanage, Cealo distributed some money and supplies.
The children’s book team has written and is translating a children’s book from the Japanese Kanji language into the Cambodian Khmer language. They had a visit from the Princess to help with the reading of the book for children in orphanages. This children’s book will be published in the three languages including Japanese, Khmer and English and will sell the books as one set of two so one will go to a child in Cambodia and another to the donor.
While at this orphanage, some of the Japanese people stayed overnight, sleeping on the floor with the orphans. They studied a lot about the orphanage while they visited so that they can help to plan another orphanage with Cealo. Meantime, Cealo supports orphanages he visits financially and materially as best he can.

Plans for a New Orphanage Have Begun
With the improvement of connections in Cambodia and with the help from a Japanese man with rice farming experience who decided to live in Cambodia to perform Gayuna Cealo's way of direct action, Cealo is making plans to build a new orphanage.

Silk Village
The silk village is slowly improving. Some of the Japanese organizers visiting with Cealo have a fashion background and have been learning about dying silk materials before visiting Cambodia. This group has visited the silk village 4 times to help improve the silk weaving processes. Now, finer quality silks are being made. This time, more ideas to improve the quality of the silks were shared and additional business guidance was given to the Cambodian women who are the silk weavers. Cealo hopes these silk weavers will be able to manage their own business soon. They are learning how to calculate and write receipts, etc. They are slowly learning and growing. Cealo takes a 3 hour boat ride, twice each year, to visit this rural and isolated area. All the silks for the Big Heart Market come from this small village in the Kandal area.
Candle Project
Some days, at midnight after a full day of distributing aid, the Cambodia, Myanmar, Japanese people worked together to make full moon meditation candles and peace candles. Approximately 50 peace candles and 5,000 full moon meditation candles were melted together using jasmine oil and sacred wax collected from temples and churches around the world.