A desperate situation was reported this week... Sri Lanka

June 5, 2008

Dear Friends of Cealo:

A desperate situation was reported this week to His Holiness Cealo by Subhuti, a monk who is inspired by Cealo's direct-action and works as Cealo does in Sri Lanka. 50,000 homes have been lost in Sri Lanka due to extreme weather conditions. During the last 9 days the people have been deluged with heavy rains, an unusual occurrence. Additionally, a dam under construction and nearly completed has burst adding to the extreme flooding. 

The people of Sri Lanka need emergency assistance and Cealo has been asked to donate funds to help with transporting donated items to the people that have lost their homes. Many of you have supported His Holiness's works of compassion in the past and we are alerting you of this additional need.

Cealo will visit Sri Lanka again just as he visited Sri Lanka after the Tsunami. At that time he will find out what the people really need to rebuild their lives. As you know, Cealo's way of Direct Action is to go to a location, see for himself what people need, then decide how to help. For example, after the Tsunami in Sri Lanka, he donated brick-building machines so that local villagers could rebuild their homes, and those who lost their livelihood could sell bricks to make a living. He also helped many Muslim villages where there was less aid from other NGOs (non-governmental organizations).

His Holiness intends to do everything he can to assist and welcomes any kind of support you can give to the people of Sri Lanka. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your consideration.

To make a contribution, please visit the Foundation for Global Harmony, USA and follow these steps:

1. Click Donate.
2. Click Donate in the section for Supporting Children.

Note: All Donations go into a general fund for Cealo to donate as needed based on his first hand connection with the people. 

Love to all!

Foundation for Global Harmony, USA Board Members
Lisa Lawler, Father Andrew Rogers, Jane Dye, and Elizabeth Enright

P.S. Call Lisa Lawler at 301-399-8460 or Elizabeth Enright at 480-990-8884 
anytime if you have any questions or concerns.

Sri Lanka Flood Update...July, 2008

Dear Cealo and Amica-san,

Thank you for your support. Today I gave 4,000 people food. The Sri Lankan Army and Navy helped me! There are two monks who also joined to help me.



P.S. Here are some pictures of our Direct Action.