Cambodia Fall 2008

Despite problems with the airport in Bangkok, the Cambodia trip from November 27, 2008 through December 6, 2008 was wonderful. During this trip, Cealo supported over 600 children and families with donations from the Foundation for Global Harmony. The total amount of support provided during this trip is about $13,000.

Land has been donated to Cealo a lot recently. Cealo hopes we can make the best uses of the land for people's joy of living. Cealo was given 5 hectors of land in Cambodia very close to the border line of Thailand where the fighting is going on. It is not so close and Cealo visited there to consider the possibility of building an orphanage and study center. Another 4 hectors of land has 8000 mango trees growing. We expect the fruit in 2 years.

What so ever happens in this world, we will never stop our journey of compassion. I know that you are always with us. Cealo's family should know that one can be always centered and focused on the "joy of living" instead of what is going on out side.