Cambodia Direct Action Report Spring 2009

Cambodia Farm Report
The experimental farming land in Siem Reap is developing well. Mr. Heng, a local person who lives in Siem Reap, is a volunteer member in charge of the farming project in Cambodia. He is working hard and has reported the progress of the vegetables we planted in March. A summary of his report displays below. There is so much growth!
We have exchanged our knowledge regarding agriculture with the Cambodian villagers and we have worked hard together on this farm project. Some young volunteers in Cambodia also joined us and visit the farm sometimes, too.

The local non-profit organization supporting this project is the Hope of Cambodia, HOC, led by a Princess of Cambodia. HOC works for the Cambodian people with guidance/financial support of CEALO/Cealo. Mr.Heng is working for CEALO Japan on the farm project with HOC oversight.
Sotha is a young Cambodian who also joined our works in March 2009. He lives in Phnom Penh and studies Japanese. He grew up at a church since his family was so poor and not capable of bringing him up. He is now 21 years old but has no job or higher education yet. However, his working attitude with us during the March camp was very good. We like his devoted attitude and innocence. But he is young and just starting his adult life. So, we are concerned for his future. We asked him to continue to work for us and study at a school. Now he is working and studying under the Princess's guidance. We hope he can grow as a good supporter of Cealo in Cambodia.
Along with Mr. Heng and Sotha, we had 60 people working together on the farm project. This included orphanage children over 12 years old from two orphanages in Siem Reap and 6 students over 18 years old from a Phnom Penh university/school. These are the students who are studying Japanese. The Hope of Cambodia members and local supporters also joined together with us and our volunteers from Japan. Altogether, 25 of the volunteers spent 3 days camping on site. It was great fun.
Monday, May 9, 2009

Corn! ! ! 
 Firstfruits ♪

"What is it? - sweet, juicy corn!"

Some corn looks like poppy seeds. They did not have enough nutrition, or had a lack of water, etc. This first and second picture shows the corn we planted in March. The Princess and Sotha tasted the corn we planted to report to us its quality. They said it is so nice and delicious.

This picture shows the Cambodian local corns that we purchased in a local market back in February. This corn was so fat. However, there was something wrong with the taste. Maybe it is feed corn. So, we decided to plant some corn seed from Japan.
Since March, there has been a lot of hard work in Cambodia.

The very delicious corn seed is growing. Princess and Sotha said that they were growing so nice!
After harvesting the first time, we planted the new corn and eggplant.

The banana tree was moved next to the toilet and it has gotten a lot bigger.

Mr. Heng says, "I have grown as well!"

 The jasmine flowers are growing and looking happy ♪

The Mango farm exists!

The Japanese name of pumpkins is "Ka-bo-cha." This is also the name of "Cambodia" in Japanese pronunciation. It is because our pumpkins came from Cambodia long time ago. Mr.Heng says the pumpkins grow very well compared to the other vegetables we planted.

So, the new pumpkins and corns were planted by Mr. Heng and Sotha.

Lime! I was wondering, it was orange. Some have grown very large, some very little.
These pictures show us trying to dig a pond in March.

We started to dig the soil out by hand with the help of 60 people.

The ground was so flat and hard.

Since March, Mr.Heng has continued to make the pond bigger - maybe by simple machine - as you can see from this photo taken in May.

Mr. Heng says, "I have been doing so well! I am happy to continue. The rainy season is almost here and I have a little water catchment."

"The trees are growing well in the tropics."

"When planted three months ago, the cherry leaf seedlings I bought seemed somewhat dry. I was relieved to see lively green leaves growing. Look beyond the cherry leaves, you can see the coconut trees have firmly rooted!"
Thanks Mr. Heng! We look forward to the next report!