Sri Lanka Spring 2009

Humanitarian assistance to help end the civil war in northern Sri Lanka!
We often speak with the Venerable Subhuti using Skype. Subhuti reported about his direct actions and has requested Cealo and Amica visit the Northern area of Sri Lanka in August.
There are about 20,000 refugees escaped from LTTE in a refugee camp there. The domestic war that continued for 25 years seems almost over. However, the people at the camp have to stay there for 3 years at least in order to clean up hidden landmines in the camp area.
Subhuti visited the refugee camps several times and researched what they may need. The government has enough food supply for the refugees for 3 months at this moment but education for the children is lacking. Subhuti is proposing to support the educational needs of the children and is proposing a farming project for the people in the area. 3 years is a long time.
On May 20, 2009, SubhutiI visited the refuge camp created from the end of the civil war to discuss the support of northern Sri Lanka. Currently, the public is not permitted to enter the area. Access is limited to aid organizations, such as Subuti's local non-profit organization in cooperation with the local government.

People in need of assistance in Sri Lanka can be linked directly to supporters through the non-profit organizations. Shubuthi donated 5000 sleeping bags, water tanks, umbrellas and 1000 sets of clothes for the children with $7,000. Cealo and Amica are very happy to hear that our friends in Sri Lanka, led by Subhuti, are taking over our direct action spirit and are taking actions by themselves.
Although it is not a big fund, Cealo believes they can do a lot when they see what the people really need and what they can do and then do it by themselves. Even though they don't connect directly with the authorities, they can connect directly with people who are in need.

Image: Center for Direction Action - preparing aid packages for the refugees

Working together, talking on Skype, we have confirmed our committment once again share direct action. We will try to tell the people through the example of our direct actions that ethnic and religious differences are not good reasons for fighting. We know that we can't save 20,000 people at once. So, we try to access the people who have a passion to make things better, to create a safe living environment even in the camp, and who will show the model of direct action to enlighten other people.

With funding from a few foreign governments, including Japan, the entire refugee camp and military activities of the government can support the refugees to some degree. Subuti asked Cealo for guidance about the life of the children since he is planning to do something for their education and to start a farming project. This summer, Cealo will visit the site with Subhuti in order to support the Tamil people, especially the education of the children.