Cambodia Report Fall 2009

Cambodia is an important and frequent destination for H.H. Cealo and Amica on their journey of compassion to provide ongoing humanitarian aid and support. In September of 2009, with funds donated by the American and Japanese people, His Holiness, Amica, and a group of Japanese volunteers travelled to Cambodia to provide “Direct Action” to support immediate needs and further the goal of economic independence of the Cambodian people.

The director of the P.C.O. Orphanage in Siem Reap made an emergency appeal to the Foundation in the Spring of 2009. Although the land was being farmed for vegetables, they had no other income for the 27 children and 4 teachers living there. In July, the Foundation sent a volunteer named Sotha to the orphanage, with monetary resources and food items to provide immediate relief. When His Holiness and Amica visited the school in September, they donated school uniforms, rice, dried food, school items, and bicycles.

All the volunteers from Japan and students from Phnom Penh University worked together with the orphanage children at the “Training Farm”, teaching agricultural farming methods. The goal is to maintain and cultivate vegetables and fruits, with the surplus harvest to be sold, providing income for the orphanage.

In Phnom Penh, a branch orphanage center of S.C.A.D.P., supported by the Khmer Development Foundation, also requested assistance. Rice, dried food and clothing was donated to approximately 100 children at the orphanage, and an additional 100 neighborhood families and children in need were given food and essential items.

An ongoing goal of the Foundation for Global Harmony is to support the work of Shien Tokyo, a non-profit global organization. The mission is to create independent livelihood for the Cambodian people by assisting villages specializing in Khmer silk weaving to create appealing clothing and home items to sell in more developed nations. The volunteers for Shien Tokyo, in partnership with Hope of Cambodia, continue to make progress expanding the silk villages of Kandal state.

Many of the silk items made by these villages can be purchased from the Big Heart Market at  During the Cambodian visit, His Holiness and Amica also toured the villages where the silk is made, offering advice and encouragement.

Donations for the humanitarian aid and support of the Cambodian people can be made at