Thanksgiving - Dear Friends of Cealo

Thanksgiving is the traditional time in the United States to count our blessings and to remember the needs of others. Although we are experiencing challenging economic times in our country, we are all rich compared to most of the people on the planet. Many of us aspire to alleviate this disparity and suffering in some way. Thanks to His Holiness Gayuna Cealo’s humanitarian work, we can truly make a real difference in the lives of many people, even with a small monetary contribution.

In July, Cealo came to Chicago for a public talk and retreat. Due to the generosity of the American people, over $10,000 was raised in donations from these events. Within a month, His Holiness Cealo and Amica were on the road to Sri Lanka and Cambodia, using these funds to immediately and directly impact the lives of children, adults and entire villages.

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At the Chicago retreat, some of the attendees wanted to explore new ways of raising funds through The Foundation for Global Harmony to continue Cealo’s work. We are pleased to report that a new membership program is being launched that will create accessible and ongoing monetary resources for His Holiness to do the work we wish for the world. With your contributions, you are truly saving precious human lives.

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If you are unable to commit to a membership at this time, will you consider making a donation, as you count your many blessings this Thanksgiving? Someone in the world will be blessed by your kindness and generosity.

$5.00 = school supplies for 5 children
$10.00 = 20kg of rice
$20.00 = school expenses for one year
$50.00 = sewing machine
$300.00 = water well

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His Holiness Cealo and Amica will be traveling to Sri Lanka and Myanmar from Dec. 7th through Dec. 29th. Any contributions made now will be utilized on this trip.

With gratitude,

The C-Team
Foundation for Global Harmony, USA