Laurie's testimonial of Private Session

Are You Ready? For Truth? To Know Your Self? Do you question the Purpose of your Life? Are you Happy, Right Now, Today, Everyday? Do you wonder why Everyone is not Happy? Do you see what is happening on our Beautiful Planet Earth?

There are Great Ones sent from God who walk among us. They are here to help us, and to guide us and to wake us up to our Truth. I have had the amazing good fortune to meet a very Great One. His name is Gayuna Cealo. There are no words to describe Him. Some call Him a Living Buddha. Have you noticed, lately, how many people are claiming that they are enlightened?
With All My Heart, I invite you to meet Cealo. You will see. The Truly Great Ones are Rare and Most Precious. They are so Humble, so Pure, it is easy to pass them by. When you meet Cealo, your Heart and Soul will Know you are in the Presence of a Divine Being of LOVE.
I met Cealo a few years ago when I was very ill. He literally saved my life. In His Presence I knew deep in my Soul that He knew me completely, my Past, my Present and my Future. He looked at me and spoke to me with so much LOVE and so much WISDOM. He knew everything about me and there was no judgement, only LOVE and RESPECT. As I look back, I realize I had been slowly dying for a long time. I had so much worry, fear and sadness. Cealo awakened my Joy and He told me the Truth.

The way my life has transformed since my first meeting with Him is a total Miracle! Beyond my personal experience, I have the great pleasure to know so many people whose lives have been Blessed and profoundly changed through the Grace of meeting Cealo. Each one of us is a Miracle. We are meant to live on this Beautiful Earth enjoying our life and serving those less fortunate.

Meeting Cealo will help you fulfill Your Life's Purpose. Your Soul will regain True Happiness and Your Heart will open with LOVE. When you hear His Belly Laugh, when you feel His Presence of such profound Peace and Silence, you will be renewed, you will be washed clean, you will be bathed in the Highest LIGHT. You will embrace Your Life and Honor the Sacredness of All Life. I am so Happy for You!

Laurie Day is a Holistic Psychotherapist and Energy Healer. Her website is