Chicago Retreat 2014 - "Honoring Your True Self in the Material World"

Chicago Program started on the 4th, November 2014. We had a 2 days private sessions with H.H Gayuna Cealo in Evanston first before the retreat program.

C-Team, a volunteer members of Foundation for Global Harmony, U.S.A, worked hard for preparation of this special program but it is with a lot of joy.

Preparing water for blessings from Cealo.
Kabako and Deborah preparing breakfast.
Cambodia Sewing Team prepared many items for our retreat.  Especially geared towards our cooking class.  See all the pretty kitchen towels?  Each one hand made and unique one of a kind.
More items including pot holders. A US member donated the display rack so we could have plenty of room for cooking class.
Aprons for for sale!
We turned Mark's living room into a cooking class.  Amazing!  We set up 6 tables with utensils and professional burners.
Many retreat participants and supporters brought pots, pans, knives, and many items so we could have the cooking class.  A Team effort indeed!
Mark's living room as the main room for our gatherings.  In this photo here, you can see it is set up for Cealo's talk and meditation.  
Aprons are modeled by Genni, Rory, and Renee.

AFC: Amica Fried Chicken. Delicious!

 Cealo brought special prayer tablets for a sacred fire ceremony.  On one tablet you write your negative things to release.  On the second tablet you write down the positive things you wish to bring into your life.

Mark's living room is now a sacred fire ceremony chamber.  The energy was powerful and peaceful.  A true honor to participate in.

Direct Action Center in Cambodia (DACC) Report

The Direct Action Center in Cambodia (DACC) was established by His Holiness Gayuna Cealo as a branch of Hope of Cambodia, a local NGO managed by Princess Kanthireth Sisowath since 2004. The purpose of the DACC is to create a local base of operation for the smooth administration of all of the Foundation for Global Harmony humanitarian activities in SE Asia.

Since 2012, the DACC has been used for many purposes. It has been used as a location for many direction action programs under the sponsorship of Gayuna Cealo. There are Retreats held at the DACC and some Japanese volunteers from the Global Heart Space in Japan and some Myanmar volunteers reside at the DACC.

The residents conduct many social activities for local people including leading community service such as road repair and cleaning roads in the village, giving Japanese classes for children, and running a charitable shop for local people where the proceeds of the shop are used to further Cealo's ongoing direct action projects.

Also, The Myanmar sewing project is administered at the DACC as well as a vocational training program for youth from an orphanage in Myanmar. Also, the Myanmar sewing project is administered at the DACC as well as a vocational training program for youth teaching practical farming skills and other marketable job skills.
 Community service with local children / Shop

Japanese Class /  Silk Natural Dye with Princess

Neighborhood children 

Train a puppy ..
to be a security dog!!